Born in the Bronx during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, World Of Troop launched in 1985 and instantly made their mark on the history of urban fashion. At a time when the mainstream viewed Hip-Hop culture as nothing more than a passing fad, Troop was the first brand to embrace and specifically cater to the Hip-Hop consumer with their Troop jacket and Troop sneaker releases.

Nearly 30 years later, a whole new generation is emulating the style that Troop originated back then.

As popularity rose, Troop began producing full lines of sportswear and athletic shoes. Apparel wise, Troop’s most popular items were their distinctive leather Troop jackets, which were available in an array of styles and colors. On the footwear side, the brand’s early designs like the Ice Lamb, Mercedes and Pro Edition were very popular within the New York fashion scene. Soon, World Of Troop was on the radar of other major brands and began to grow rapidly outside of NYC and up and down the East Coast to Nationwide. Soon after, the brand would quickly expand Worldwide by the end of 1989.
Staying true to their roots, Troop was also one of the first companies to partner with Hip-Hop artists. As the brand continued to grow, Troop partnered with several notable groundbreaking, platinum-selling artists in the late 1980’s to further expand their reach.

As the brand faded in the USA in the early 1990s, Troop continued production in Europe due to strong support from fans, where its run extended for years longer and still maintains a strong underground following.

There has been plenty of rumors and speculation as the company changed hands several times over the years, including a small resurgence of the brand by a notable Hip-Hop artist in the early 2000s. Looking forward, Troop is excited and proud of the brand’s future.